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Welcome to the North Carolina Chapter of Toyota Territory Off-Roader's Association. We
are a tight knit group of four wheel drive enthusiasts who get together frequently to wheel
the trails here in NC as well as in the surrounding states.

This is a free club supported voluntarily by it's own members. While the only stringent
requirement is ownership of a Toyota, we encourage members to actively participate in club
events, weither it be a trail ride, meeting, or just helping another member wrench on their

The message boards associated with TTORA are no more than a means of communication for
the club, and should not be mistaken for anything else. The wealth of Toyota information you
will find is free to anyone who wishes to sign up. I also have the factory service manual for 2001-2004 Tacomas online

Actual membership in the club is something completely separate and is a privilege that
carries responsibility. All we ask is for you to respect the organization and maintain
active membership through participation in club events and participate in tread lightly.

After registering, you will be assigned a member number. You will receive an email
confirmation containing this information. At this time, you will be added to the roster with
a designation.
Welcome to the North Carolina Chapter of TTORA
Kyle Jefferies
North Carolina Chapter President